Installation – Campsite Grass

How our certified Gecko installers lay synthetic campsite grass


Step 1

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 2a_149

Step 2a

Step One:

We excavate the site to 100mm deep with a slight angle from the centre to each edge, allowing for drainage. The size of the excavated are varies depending on the size of the mat. Some excess dirt is retained to backfill (step 3b)


Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 2b_150

Step 2b

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 2c_151

Step 2c

Step Two :

a) A timber frame is constructed by joining the four pieces with screws

b) The frame is laid within the excavated area and checked to ensure that it is square.

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 3a_152

Step 3a

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 3b_153

Step 3b

Step Three :

a) The frame is secured to the excavated surface by hammering the 300mm anchors through the holes provided b) The gaps surrounding the frame are firmly filled with the soil retained from step 1 so that the frame is securely in place.

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 3c_154

Step 3c

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 4a_157

Step 4a

Installation - Campsite Grass_Step 4b_156

Step 4b

Step Four :

a) Crushed rock is placed within the borders of the frame and spread evenly. This is compacted with a whacker. b) An additional 5mm of crusher dust is added and compacted with the whacker, level with the bottom section of the frame. See cross section (4c).

Installation - Campsite Grass_Final Steps_158

Final Steps

Installation - Campsite Grass_Completed Project_159

Completed Project

Final Steps:

a) The grass is trimmed to the correct size of the area. b) The grass is fixed in position by nailing it to the frame using 20mm clouts at 300mm intervals. c) The area is finished by spreading 15mm of silica sand in-fill evenly through the grass. The sand is brushed in with a hard bristled broom until it is no longer visible.

Installation - Campsite Grass_Before_160


Installation - Campsite Grass_After_161