MSPRO®45 Plush Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass for Recreational Areas

The MSPRO®45″PLUSH” grass variety is manufactured using the latest developments in grass yarns and polymers which enhances the grass blades’, supports and contains the infill more effectively.  Gecko’s MSPRO®45″PLUSH” Synthetic Grass has the look and the feel of natural turf. So now when children are “playing on hands and knees” or families are enjoying a picnic lunch there is no discomfort or carpet burning.


“Gecko’s MSPRO®45 ‘Plush’ Synthetic Grass feels great and is able to
withstand frequent activity including children playing and which will
reduce the chance of injuries by eliminating hard, dry dirt areas”.


MSPRO®45 ‘Plush’ is suitable for use in playgrounds; landscape areas; yards and pool surrounds

Grass Laid by Qualified Installers

With Gecko your synthetic lawn is installed by Qualified people which are trained to the highest level of competency. This eliminates any risk of poor workmanship at your educational facility.

10 Year ‘Written’ Guarantee

Gecko offers a guarantee unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry. At the completion of the project we provide a “Written Guarantee” for protection against both the installation process and the product. Gecko’s grass is guaranteed for 10 years.

UV Stabilised

Gecko’s grass is UV stablised against fading. Australia’s UV level is greater than most other countries in the world hence it is imperative that a quality UV resistant material is used in order to achieve our 10 year guarantee.

A low maintenance surface solution

 Grass Payback TimeframeSynthetic grass is a very low maintenance, zero water surface solution that continues to perform all year round. The return on the initial investment of a 200m2 area is less than 4 years.

Plush Synthetic Grass

MSPRO®45 Plush – Synthetic Grass

Fire Retardant

Gecko’s grass is manufactured using a fire retardant additive. This is imperative for added safety and asset protection.

Triple Latex Backing

In order to attain exceptional durability Gecko insists on it’s product being manufactured only with a Triple Latex Backing.

Colours: Tri-colour “Verdi” green
Pile Height: 45mm

  “Looks good and feels great underfoot”