Synthetic Grass Soft-Fall Playground System™

Soft-Fall Playground System

Gecko’s Synthetic Grass Soft-fall Playground System™ provides a safe and durable surface which dramatically reduces the chance of injuries whilst providing a lush and attractive  play area for children.

“Gecko’s Soft-fall… dramatically reduces the risk of litigation from playground injuries”

Many playgrounds utilise tan bark wood chips underneath playground equipment but unless tan bark is rigorously maintained 24 hours a day it will frequently become displaced creating a play area that does not comply with the stringent requirements of the legislation.   No such issues are found with Gecko’s Synthetic Grass Soft-fall Playground System™ – in fact our Soft-fall Playground System™ requires very little maintenance and substantially less than other soft-fall alternatives.  In terms of overall investment, Gecko’s  Soft-fall Playground System™ outperforms tan bark wood chips in terms of aesthetic appeal, time and dollars.

Suitable for Schools, Shire Councils and Early Learning Centres, the Gecko Synthetic Grass Soft-fall Playground System™  provides a bright, attractive and fun play area that meets all the Critical Fall Height requirements of the Australian Standard.


Critical Fall Height…

Studies indicate that many playgrounds throughout Australia DON’T comply with the Australian Standard AS4685-0:2017.  Effectively, this leaves the responsible bodies open to litigation in the event of injury or death resulting from children falling from equipment.  Be sure that you don’t leave your door open to this type of costly and avoidable legal claims – install a Gecko Soft-fall Playground System™ at your facility.

Cross Section Soft Fall

The Gecko ‘Shock Pad’ is a unique geo-composite made from cross-linked PE residues which are combined with a geo-textile



Cross Section of Playground

Gecko Soft-fall Playground System™ provides peace of mind and confidence that you have provided the best possible protection for the children using your playground

Critical Fall Height Graph

The amount of cushioning required varies according to the maximum possible fall height.

The ‘3 tier’ system utilises ‘shock pad’ technology in conjunction with a crushed rock base and premium synthetic grass to create a adequate level of cushioning relevant to the height of the playground equipment in place.  Our qualified consultants are available to inspect the project area to provide recommendations, advice and a comprehensive quote.

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  Unless tan bark is rigorously maintained 24 hours a day it will inevitably fall outside the Australian Standards”